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The amana group is your content partner.

We are pleased to serve your business's needs for the production, management and application of visual component and content.

We can propose a wide range of visual communication solutions to help you maximize value-added for your business or brand.

amana's Services

We provide services tailored to your company's issues and needs, focusing on three fields: Stock materials, visual content and communications. Customizing from a total of 75 services, we propose the best solution for the challenges you confront.

Role Of The Producer

At the amana group, about 400 producers are ready to respond to your visual and other content needs. The strength of it's producers lies in their ability to table highly specialized proposals, backed by production systems tailored to individual industries.

Creative Service

For visual communications that move people's heart.

Leveraging a wealth of expressive power and the latest digital technology to the maximum advantage, we package our client's message for optimum style.

Company Outline

Corporate profile

Company Name
amana inc.
Hironobu Shindo, Chief Executive Officer
2-2-43, Higashishinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Main Businesses
Visual Communication Business
April 28, 1979
Paid-in Capital
¥1,097 million
Stock Exchange Listing
Mothers Section, Tokyo Stock Exchange
Securities Code: 2402
Total Revenue
¥23,031 million
*consolidated results for the year ended December 31, 2019
Number of Employees
Consolidated: 1,107 *As of January, 2020

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Directions to The amana group


2-2-43 Higashisihnagawa Shinagawa-ku Tokyo 140-0002

By Public Transportation

From Tennoz Isle Station:
Tokyo Monorail
Use Minami-guchi exit and turn right.
Cross Shinagawafuto-Iriguchi crossing.
Turn right at Bond Street. 5 minutes walk.
From Tennoz Isle Station:
Rinkai Line
Use B exit and turn left.
Turn left at Shinagawafuto-Iriguchi crossing.
Turn right at Bond Street. 5 minutes walk.

By Car

From Metropolitan Expressway Route No.1 Haneda, heading Heiwajima.
Use Shibaura Ramp exit.
Turn right at Shinagawafuto-Iriguchi crossing.
10 minutes from Shibaura Ramp.